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Banner Universal
Genre Drama
IMDB Rating 5.4
Run Time 106 Mins
Intl ThRel 5th Feb 2016
Intl Box Office
India ThRel
India NBOC
WW HV Rel 19thApril 2016
India HV Rel July  2016
Director Shintaro Shimosawa
Starring Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel
Brief Description Misconduct tells the story of a young lawyer bent on standing up to a pharmaceutical giant and his corrupt company – and the struggles he meets along the way. When faced with the blackmail, corruption, and scandal of the world of big business, this lawyer must adapt and evolve his strategy in order to make his mark and help bring down a cruel and tyrannical pharmaceutical executive. He soon discovers that the decisions are not as clear-cut as an idealist version of himself would want them to be, and must make do with a complicated and dangerous world of intrigue.
Key Selling Points GREAT CAST – Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel
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