About Us

About us

Duvan kart

Duvankart, without a formal setup started its operations with an idea of Supplying toilet rolls to its First client (Hospital in South Delhi) in mid 2014, Client was so convinced and happy with the quality of product they received at less than half a price they were paying before, They referred some of their contacts to us which included some embassies and hotels in Delhi. After some Ground study and research we found that there is a big gap between Manufacturer and Consumer, We thought to do something to bridge the gap between two. It was a big trouble for us to create a system without capital and infrastructure; we kept on getting small orders from our clients through which we have introduced ourselves.
December 2014
It has become difficult to manage orders manually; we applied for Sales Tax and VAT registration as clients started to demand for formal invoice and pay us through cheque. We decided to name it and give it a shape to make it a formal business.
Feb 2015
We kept on getting Small orders of Housekeeping goods and cleaning material. Now we have understood and made a perception of clients don’t want branded products, they want quality products at less the price of regular branded products. It was very difficult to pick and choose from hundreds of substitute from each category.
May 2015
We introduced ourselves to some of big brands, we started getting regular orders from big corporate’s.   It became very tough to manage orders, Procurement, Supply, Accounting, Invoicing and Delivery with just two of our founders and no man power. Now we thought of creating everything online and Outsourcing Delivery.
October 2015
Now it’s time to make it very formal as we started getting calls every day.

Capital Crunch, We didn’t had any investor nor we had big operating capital, No way we had to say ‘No’ to big orders as we haven’t had money for procurement.

We wanted to make a solution for end customers by creating a system of procurement and delivery with very less expense to control price.
February 2016
We stopped accepting orders and tried focusing on creating a system.

We introduced ourselves as www.duvankart.com

Now we are live in the name of www.duvankart.com which is a secured and safe website for payments online through our payment partner ‘CCavenue’

We have onboard some very good sellers we call them vendors as they do procurement for us and supply the same on online orders they receive through us.